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A new kind of community economic development organization based in Akwesasne, Cornwall and the Counties

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If you are an entrepreneur or organization that supports the economy, we are here to help you realize your potential. Our unique understanding of, and passion for our region, paired with our proven track record empowering local businesses means that we see—and help you take advantage of—opportunities that others don’t. We help you get to the next level.

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Through ACCInnovation, we work with entrepreneurs to identify opportunities to optimize workflow and accelerate growth by applying cost-effective technology solutions. Leveraging our network of technology consultants, we provide knowledgeable, non-biased consulting and coaching to help you take advantage of the right technology to advance your business.

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ACCPathways helps non-Indigenous economic development organizations build relationships with First Nations and other Indigenous communities to advance collaborative projects and achieve greater potential together.

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MPIQC is becoming a leader in electronic manufacturing and competing at a global level.



Call to Artists! ACCFutures is pleased to announce a commission opportunity for artists


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