How can we help you build bridges toward true reconciliation?

We help non-Indigenous businesses and economic development organizations build relationships with First Nations and other Indigenous communities to advance collaborative projects and achieve greater potential together.

EVB Engineering

Find Understanding

Are you ready to respond to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action but you’re not sure where to start? ACCPathways can help you identify which Indigenous Cultural Awareness Learning solutions are right for you and your team. We can help you reach appropriate local contacts in the Indigenous community and work to ensure you are approaching new relationships respectfully. Every journey is different, but you’ll get there faster with a guide. Let us help you find your own pathway to reconciliation.

Harbour Project

Project Management

Our project management services are focused on projects which involve Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and organizations. Maybe you are a business owner expanding your activities in a way that might adversely impact Aboriginal and treaty rights. Perhaps you are a not-for-profit or government organization that wants to collaborate with Indigenous people on a development project. In these cases, careful and considerate consultation with Indigenous groups should take place. We can help you understand the steps involved and facilitate the consultation process, and beyond.

The ACCFutures Team

Workforce Development

A diversified workforce is a strong workforce. Let us help you build a workforce which is attractive to and inclusive of Indigenous people. Learn inclusion tips such as working with Aboriginal colleagues, strategies for recruiting and interviewing Indigenous people, and gain an understanding of the differences between Western and Traditional Cultures.

The Port Lands

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