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Is Going Into Business for You?

Going into business or electing to be self-employed is a serious decision. It requires devotion and sacrifice – and it generally commands significant investment of energy, time, and perseverance. To be painfully blunt, business isn’t for everyone, while for others it’s natural.

Business Communication & Productivity Tips

With the broad array of articles and self-help books available to us today, it may hardly seem necessary for ACCFutures to contribute to the existing fanfare around effective business communication and productivity.

Landing the Job Offer

Being self-employed or going into business isn’t for everyone – in fact, most are more comfortable with getting a job. In the current economy, this may not be as simple as it sounds; particularly for young people and for those looking to replace a pre-existing management job or career.
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Forms of Corporate Structure

Often overlooked or disregarded when deciding to start or alter a business, it is important to ponder seriously, and to determine what business structure or form of organization best suits your needs – both for the immediate, and the more distant future as circumstances permit.

The Basics of Lending

In general, lending institutions are looking for consistency of payments on the debt and will consequently look at the reliability of the borrower, expected regularity of payments, applicant’s payment capacity, and lastly, the lender’s ability to recover missing payments in case of default.
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